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Market Coverage & Distribution Channels

We are currently focusing on serving Aleppo, Raqqa, Idleb and their countrysides through our privately-owned distribution channels that ensure delivering all pharmaceutical products from our warehouses to the retailer in a timely and efficient manner.

However, if the represented companies require the distribution of their products all over Syria, it is possible with the assistance of our collaborating network of wholesalers and distributors enabling us to cover all governorates.

Our strategically located headquarter allows us to serve all retail outlets within Aleppo city in an average of 10 minutes. Our distribution vans are stocked up and dispatched from headquarter at 7 AM. to Aleppo countryside, Raqqa, Idleb and their country sides.

Our sale representatives are equipped with PDA devices which all orders placed are sent to the company‘s server for processing and preparation.

In addition, a van is kept at headquarter in case of urgent orders for instant delivery irrespective of the quantity ordered.

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